Scary New Ideas ~ YOU

Scary New Ideas ~ YOU

When I ‘signed up’ to start a business as an artist (20 years ago), I had NO CLUE the roller coaster I was putting myself on. Social media and email marketing have been some of the big loops in this coaster, literally: a big, lovely UPswing at the beginning, and some definite DOWNturns throughout. Tis the nature of being willing to try lots of things when you believe in your work and how it can touch hearts ♥ strap-in baby, the ride is long and crazy, but overall positive.


NO ONE said it would be easy. 


Here is an idea I'm currently working on. 

black and white motherhood art, mother child black and white print, sepia toned motherhood art, mom baby art sepia, warm art, rose colored art

Sometimes I have business/product ideas that ACTUALLY scare me. Ideas that feel fun and heartwarming and purposeful (otherwise, trust me, I would NOT be doing them) but feel like a boulder to climb over. Another test to take, another potential fail.


But because I LOVE what I do and I TRULY believe that it matters… I keep going. 


I have a fun and beautiful new idea, as seen above, that could help bring some more kind-hearted and inspiring mothers/parents/collectors into my community. I’m excited, but nervous, scared, eager... All the things we ALL feel, ALL of the time.


I’m giving you a couple sneak peeks because I truly care about you, and I truly value you being here with me. For all the DOWNS, there are several UPS, and the biggest UP is my people, YOU. My collectors and their wonderful testimonials, kind notes, purchases, connections, collecting. 


I keep them, you know, your notes? Last week I found one from Amanda that actually changed the way I was feeling in the moment ♥


"I think your style of marketing is non-intrusive, organic and most definitely doesn't fall into the category of "noise".  Your stories are real and authentic, whereby I feel safe enough to reply... I don't feel that at all with other online businesses." 


Stay-tuned for more from this new project!


Love & Sincerely, Katie


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