I Can See Clearly Now – brand new painting released today

I Can See Clearly Now

completed August 20, 2009
acrylic on canvas

When I check on my boys at night – it’s all so clear to me…

Seeing them sleeping, peaceful, warm – without a worry in the world. Simple, simple being human – the way they should be. I realize the important things in life, then.

During the day, this clarity becomes cloudy as I tangle with attitudes, ask and ask again, frustrate and become frustrated and work, work, work – as a mother must do.

However, no one stated it would be easy – so as I maneuver my way through, truly, the hardest job in the world (if you are trying to do it right) I take comfort in those moments when I stop everything and grab the closest boy into a hug, a dance, a cuddle or a wrestle. I assure myself that I am doing my best to stay clear and still have something that is my own – my painting.

Glimpses come throughout the day when I can truly see what I am meant to be doing: parenting and painting – I urge them to come more often, but then again, there is always night time.

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Thank you for allowing me to share this new painting with you.

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