Honesty ~ today’s 10×10 release

Good morning!

“Honesty” is today’s 10×10” painting release into ~ The Forty Minis Collection

“…I believe in honesty… besides holding back from my boys the scary and unnecessary things of our world (less compromise their sweet and valuable innocence) I tell them most everything.

They are my constant companions and they realize so much and offer their insightful ideas and questions frequently. They ache to understand how come, what if, why and really?!

I believe in being honest with my feelings and teaching them to do the same. Talking, discussing, repairing and offering gentle touches. They affect me and I, them ~ that is how life goes ~ the most important part is sorting it all out.

My boys were painting with me while I was finishing up this piece. My four year old mixed up the beautiful lavender so I asked for some to mingle into my own painting. He mixed me a new batch, and I was impressed. I ache with pride as they so carefully and thoughtfully create their own pieces.

The emotions I feel for them want to shred me at times… but that is how motherhood goes, right?”

See this new painting and the available 10x10s in The Online Etsy Shop.

SPECIAL NOTE: While I am away (Feb 23-March 5), I am going to remove the Original Paintings from the online shop – because these paintings will be featured in physical galleries. If you are interested in one of the Original Paintings, just shoot me an email at katie@kmberggren.com and I can make it available for you in the Etsy shop!

Have a great day! Thank you for your support and kindness.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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