Here Comes The Sun (and more)

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Go see if one of my original mother child paintings is calling to you! These paintings are ready to ship.


I’ve got a process photo for you of Here Comes The Sun, I’m not sure about you but I am ready for it! We’ve had some the last couple days, but the warmth that usually accompanies has been AWOL. This painting started out with a working title of Aching for Sun (or something like that!) but I realize that it is always best to be positive Did I mention I’m ready for Spring?

Also, I wanted to draw some attention to another mama-owned business called KunkleBaby, Jessica, the creator of Kunklebaby, found me through my Etsy shop ( and we’ve been in touch since.
Here is Jessica’s blog (you can link directly to her Etsy shop from her blog): she sells delightfully Eco-Friendly and Organic clothing and toys for little ones. She also includes a link to her recent interview (regarding CPSIA and its effects on small businesses that create children’s products).
I am in contact with several wonderful mama-owned businesses and mama-artists thanks to travelling around Etsy – and periodically, I’d like to share them with you, stay tuned!
Have a great day! Love, Katie

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