Growing (In The Dirt) ~ New 10×10 ~ Miraculous Nature

Growing (in the dirt) is the newest painting in The Forty Minis Collection!

Inspired by summer, blue sky, my little garden, my little gardeners, and working mamas.

You can find Growing (in the dirt) and/or the remaining available paintings from The Forty Minis Collection in the Online Etsy shop.

I am inspired by the miraculousness of nature – I planted a bunch of seeds in some fresh dirt a month ago and for the first time in my life I have created a growing food source This is my first successful garden (because we now live in a place that has soil instead of rock!) and I can’t help but feel proud but at the same time wonder at the ease in which those seeds became plants from which my son and my grandmother and I ate the first snap peas of the season from just this morning.

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Have a great day, Love & Sincerely, Katie

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