Grace & Calm ♥ Loss & Hope


Last week I finished Grace & Calm. This purple world that I spent so much time and energy exploring ♥ My favorite part is the surf's edge, I love that texture. Also, the white sand beach! The lavender, of course, but also the distant purple mountains.


This original painting has SOLD, but if you'd like a print you can reach out to me.


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Above: Grace & Calm, 20x20 inch original painting on deep canvas, sold



 Watch Grace & Calm being created, here!



Inspiration for the Open Skies Collection was sparked when I created a little 4x4 inch painting on paper for the Painting A Day project in March. The piece just seized my soul, her name is Quietude.


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(I'm currently working on a piece on canvas, inspired by Quietude)


Once I was several paintings in to the Open Skies Collection, these women looking out to sea with reverence and peace, I got to thinking about how I feel about the ocean...


I respect her. I love so much about her. The ocean contains worlds, hides mysteries, shimmers with color. She grabs hold of and tethers my spirit to something much larger. Something fresh, salty, crisp, wet, heavy. 


She gives life. She heals with her salty fingers and soothes with moist breath. 


But the sea also takes. In she comes to clean the earth, then out she goes, taking and leaving behind remnants. I do not turn my back on the ocean.


The ocean took my father from me. Right before my eyes, right out of my hands. In she came with her kaleidoscope of creatures, and out she went leaving heartache behind. But also hope and gratitude, to be realized only later. 


I think of these Open Skies pieces, and I feel the loss & hope in them. A woman watching over the Majestic Force that gives and takes. Watching for a spark of recognition, seeking peace with life's experiences.


More about this later, I am sure.


Thank you for being here,

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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