Good Morning Glory ~ Friday Book Event

When I was little, I’d hear my mom softly singing as she made dinner – cutting, cooking, baking… singing the songs from my past (Billy Joel, Elton John, The Beatles, Hall & Oates…)

In the car, on long drive homes from grandma’s house, if mom thought we were all asleep, she would sing along with the radio. A few weeks ago I told her that this was special to me, hearing her sing. “I thought you were asleep!” she replied, almost embarrassed. But why?

I want my boys to KNOW that I’m happy, so I sing loudly when I hear one of my three boys singing in the shower, I smile, knowing they must be feeling joy.

My son just told me that he wants me to come up to his room every morning this summer and sing “goooood morning glory, do do do do do-do!”, he said it gives him a happy start to his day. So I have been.

I do believe that mama sets the tone for the day.

I hope YOU are having a great day today.


I have an event tomorrow, for those who are local to the Vancouver/Portland area:

I hope YOU are having a great day today.

Join us at our public launch party for The Healing You Can Do! Meghan T Hindi’s debut book illustrated by renowned local artist Katie m Berggren. The Healing You Can Do is a love letter, a message of empathy, encouragement and empowerment for anyone who has experienced trauma of any kind.

“A beautifully illustrated book with a message full of unconditional love that reminds us that no matter how dark it can be, our light can overcome any darkness. And once we heal, we can help spread our light to heal others. Congratulations for such a beautiful contribution to humanity!” ~ Ana Vero, Author of Dare To Change Your Story

Join us for a beautiful summer solstice celebration of survival, healing and transformation! Book reading, Author Q&A and community discussion – we will also offer a chance for you to release your trauma and burn it in celebration of your own rebirth.

Hardcover copies of The Healing You Can Do will be available for purchase at this event along with some other fun art-based merch.

Visit for more information!

if you have any questions. I hope you have a WONDERFUL week’s end!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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