From Mother To Mother, A Gift, My Son The Programmer

Mindful Mothering Project, painting #20 is complete! 

This new painting was inspired by a photo submitted by Kathryn, along with these beautiful words:

“Adoption is both the most beautiful, and most tragic, event in motherhood – for both the mama saying goodbye and the one saying hello. I truly believe Natasha is the strongest woman I know to be able to make such a painful choice: She broke her own heart for the sake of her child. That, to me, is mindful motherhood in its deepest, hardest form.” ~ Kathryn Read Kathryn’s Adoption Story.

This new painting celebrates the first moment when a child belongs to two mothers… gently passed between birth mother and adoptive mother.

Learn More and/or Submit YOUR photo to the Mindful Mothering Project.

Prints of From Mother To Mother are available here, as the Original Painting has SOLD.


World Breastfeeding Week!

My special offer of a free 12×12″ breastfeeding collage with any order over $30 ended yesterday… but because I didn’t send an email about the special, I’m extending it ONLY through today, 8-8-2019, so that if you are not on social media, you get a chance to get one, too Just use coupon code BFWEEK on any order over $30 and I’ll put a collage in your package


MY SON (he’s 15) is a game designer. He started when he was six years old. His newest game, Climb The Tower, is SO COOL, I told him I wanted to send it out to my people! Try it out, have your kiddos play it, and let me know what you think. He will be thrilled

Email me back if you have any questions. I hope you have a WONDERFUL week’s end!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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