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“I was moved to tears yesterday looking through the prints that I selected.. I had seen each one previously, yet physically holding such beauty in my hands it was as if I was seeing each print for the first time again… My baby girl wandered over to see what momma was gazing so intently at & let out an “awwww”. Then, I opened the calendar… gasp, it is absolutely gorgeous!! I was torn between hurriedly flipping through the months to see which prints were chosen and savoring each delicious scene. From the transformational momma art to the quality of the products to the packaging to the handwritten notes… I was left without breath & silently fulfilled. Thank you a million times more for doing what you do ever so elegantly.” ~ Brooke in Oklahoma

Let me know if you have any questions and have fun!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

“This will be my first of many purchases from the Katie m. Berggren online studio shop.
First, the quality is unbeatable. It is just so well made. The art is just so unique and original. I found myself relating to every single painting and looking in amazement at the breath taking time and talent put into every piece she does. ~ Jennifer in Missouri


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