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Two things to share today

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2) Lyric, the birth story of an early painting

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2) The Birth Story of an Early Painting ~ Lyric, 2008

LYRIC: An essence, a lullaby, a love song… The way a quick moment, action or thought can bring back those fresh sweet moments of new motherhood. The purity of this couple makes my heart go pitter patter.

Lyric is an early painting (2008), one that was effortless in design, because she portrayed an everyday moment of my life at the time. Little soft boys who would scream and run away with a toy or a cracker, then minutes later lay themselves into my arms, climb up on to my face, and kiss me ever so gently.

The pure love that reflects back at us from the little beings that we pour so much into… that’s the universe’s way of saying Thanks For Loving.

And now I say it to you, in 2019, from a place of being a mom of teenage boys: Keep Loving. Love Them Even More. Listen & Love and forgive your mistakes.

Forgive your raised voices, bless your gentle hands. Appreciate YOURSELF when no one else seems to notice your hard work. You are creating a future… you are investing in little souls that will then pour those dividends onto you and your grandchildren and all the people in your child’s life.

It’s hard, I won’t lie, it’s hard. It’s hard to be the only one, the climbed on one, the blobbed on one, but it passes. Sadly and peacefully it passes, and I want you to be here with your eyes wide open and your heart fully open, to see your hard work pay off.

This original painting sold years ago, but I have prints of Lyric, available here (or search “Lyric” at


Thank you for your time. I hope you have a WONDERFUL week’s end.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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