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This seems like the perfect time to send a little extra love within packages, so allow me to send you a free gift with your purchase just don’t forget to put KMBWEEKLY in the promo code box at checkout.

Time In is my most popular print to date. What a way to share some light in a dark-for-many, weird and confusing time.


I have several projects in my hands right now, several large paintings. Lots of hours in front of the easel… while also preparing 2+ meals a day for big hungry boys, packing orders, keeping the house in order and sneaking out for groceries every 5-7 days.

This change isn’t much different from my regular schedule (apart from the extra meals to serve… usually I make breakfasts and lunches in the morning and then don’t think about meals ’til 5 pm) – otherwise I just work.

I’m still getting lots of time to work, but also, I finally get it… I was told that someday my boys would eat me out of house and home, and I see that now! I love them so much.

I hope you are keeping busy and finding creative and interesting tasks for your hands, heart and mind. Like coloring!

Last week I gave away a free downloadable coloring page on my Instagram and Facebook pages, you can get it for yourself, here.


Here is one of the large paintings that I have fallen into over the past several weeks! Rima’s painting.


Our Love Runs Deep is complete. Here are the words I’ve written about this new original painting, shown below:

The mother and the growing son. She still sees all his “little” stages when she looks at him. And he just keeps getting taller  

Memories of him are in her hair, at her skirt, at her side…

He looks down toward her after all the years of looking up. She looks up at him. Proud, bittersweet.

Her arm is still around him, now at his waist instead of his shoulders, resting easily. His figure is still so comfortable to her, and she must occasionally remind herself that he’s a young man now.

His affection has grown and changed. Layered and matured. He stands strong on his own, no leaning necessary.

Tentatively navigating the future – new for them both.

His little selves are all imprints on her soul, her brain, her heart and her mind’s eye. They are held warmly, close by. A little boy who left his mark at each age and stage. Even on the tree that grows along with him – planted when he was a baby.

She can’t look at him deeply without seeing all that he was, and all that he may become.

He has blue skies ahead. But, so does she!

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week’s end. Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy. Love & Sincerely, Katie

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