Free Cards Winners – Studio Progress – Upcoming Event!

As I type this, my printer is producing prints for this weekend’s event, some of the production is complete, and I’m working on four new 16×20 paintings.

A recent consulting call with the wonderful Ariane Goodwin of SmARTist, and a recent evening with some girlfriends has helped to re-invigorate me… inspiration: a nice studio-warming gift!
The painting furthest to the right is inspired by the 8×8 painting titled Quench.
The Free Cards Winners for the last two weeks are Abby and Cindy, thanks for playing!
This weekend, July 11 & 12, I’ll be painting onsite at the English Estate Winery Art & Wine Fair in Vancouver, and I’d love to see you there! I’ll be there 12-8pm on Saturday and 12-3pm on Sunday.

Along with me, I’ll have 10 8×8 paintings, 3 new 16x20s, 24×30 paintings, 18 new card designs and a multitude of prints! Purchase an original 8×8 and take home 6 free cards or a free print! Purchase a 16×20 or larger and take home 8 free cards or two free prints!

Wine, crafts, art, music, sun, great company … you can only imagine the fun to be had!

The address for the Winery is 17806 SE 1st Street, and the number is 360.772.5141,

Last year, this event was the highlight of the summer – I am looking very forward to this weekend.

Have a wonderful, sunny week!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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