Free Cards Winner ~ Last Years Holiday Cards on Discount for Facebook and Blog Friends/Fans!


Virginia is the Free Cards Winner this week – those cards are going to travel a looonnnggg way Thanks Virginia!

I’ve got some packs of last years Holiday Cards floating around, and wanted to put them out there for a discounted rate – excited for the 2009s but still love the 2008s!

I have:
•4 boxes of Snowmen (each set has 10 cards/11 envelopes),
•6 boxes of the little girl, called Waiting Up,
•2 boxes featuring 5 Snowmen and 5 Waiting Up

The interior message for Waiting Up: “May the warmth, joy and wonder of the season be yours!”

The interior message for Snowman: “Celebrate the spirit & joy of the season!”

They were $15 last year (and the 2009 sets will be $15), but right now they are just $11 each box for my blog readers/facebook friends & fans – let me know if you are interested and I’ll post them in the Online Etsy Shop just for YOU!!

Have a great week! Back to work!

Love & Sincerely,


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