Free Cards Winner & 4×4″ Chunky Original Paintings ~ now available as 8×10 prints

I’ve had so many inquiries for the 4×4 paintings to be offered in a solo fashion, vs only as collage prints:

collage prints by Katie m. Berggren

collage prints by Katie m. Berggren

see the collage prints here


So I’ve decided to offer the 4×4″ paintings as 8×10 prints!

Friendship 4x4 painting as 8x10 print

Friendship 4x4 painting as 8x10 print

 above image: Friendship (a brand new 4×4″ painting) has just been added as an 8×10 due to popular demand ~ ENJOY!

I am unsure of offering them in large prints such as 12×12 since the original is small and they are created to be enjoyed as mini images, little intimate & sincere moments.

Visit the Online Studio Shop and search “4×4”
to see the available 4×4 paintings as prints


If you would like an 8×10 print of a specific 4×4″ painting (see the abundant selection here)
I will make an 8×10 print available in the shop for you, just let me know!

Thanks to those who continued to ask!

The Free Cards Winner for last week is Jolee! Shoot me a note with your contact info Jolee!

 Love & Sincerely, Katie

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