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Floating with Deep Hope & Appreciation ~ Carry You With Me

The last couple weeks have flown by so steadily. I am floating between custom paintings, creating new art, packing orders, making three hot meals a day for my family… family walks, and sometimes getting laundry done.

How are you doing? Are you floating? If so, you aren’t floating alone. There is a part of me that actually feels like it isn’t connected to reality… but it kinda feels good to float in a world of family and art. Even if there is a pile of wrinkly clothes on the couch.

As the world is shaken, our priorities (hopefully) rise to the top, and the smaller stuff falls away. Are you finding this too? Family and painting are my top (with music and podcasts) and deep cleaning and laundry have slipped down.

I have poured my heart into 2 brand new paintings that have dove-tailed right into The Here & Now Collection. I’ve shown them to my communities on FB and IG, but I want to show them to you here. They are important to me. And they have proven to feel meaningful to others. I’m honored because of this.

Click each image to read their story.


This stuck-inside time has brought some really important facetime conversations with some special women friends. I want to share with you what one of them, Alanna Knobben, is up to.

The Carry You With Me Community

Many of you know of my dear friend Alanna and the heartfelt storybook we created together named Carry You With Me – for those navigating life after pregnancy, infant and child loss. 

Our special little book has crossed thousands of miles and over 2000 copies have headed out to inspire love, support and connection for those on the child loss journey. You can even get prints from the Carry You With Me book's paintings.

I am happy to share the grand opening of the NEW Carry You With Me Community, which enables Alanna to create and serve in a more impactful way.Join the free online community and if you know someone who is trying to find their place in a world without their little love(s), please share this safe and welcoming space with them by forwarding this email.

I wish you a peace-filled week. Thank you so much for taking the time to follow along with my work.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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