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Fighting Loneliness = card sale ♥ free e-book

2 cool things for you today!

1~ My boxed sets of 5x7 art cards are 50% off for a bit, and here's why (I never offer 50% off, but this is a good reason): 

►I recently discovered Letters Against Isolation (LAI) whose mission is to “fight senior loneliness one letter at a time. Through handwritten messages of love, hope, and joy… bringing seniors connection and improving their mental and physical health.”

I was instantly jazzed and wanted to sign up as a volunteer! Then I took a step back and realized that I have some people in my life that I should be serving with love-through-the-mail, FIRST. My grandma is 99 and I send her letters with my art cards, frequently, in hopes that seeing glimpses of her life when my dad and aunt were young, might spark love in her heart. Memories of love. But I have other family members that deserve attention, too.

LAI’s instagram posts show isolated seniors with faces of joy as they cling to their letters from strangers who are thinking about them. My heart really feels that. The women and men hang the letters and drawings on their walls and are tickled that they are not forgotten

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So, I encourage you to reach out to someone soon. Someone who doesn’t text or message. Someone who may have just had a very lonely Christmas. Beautiful art cards celebrating family can help, too, and I NEVER put anything 50% off in my shop, so get these while you can 😊



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2nd cool thing ~ One of my first collections was the 85 8x8s Collection ~ 85 vulnerable paintings of mother and child. Kisses, hugs, skin-to-skin, sleeping, nursing… and I put them together into a book. Each painting has a story, and I have the free e-book for you that features ALL 85 paintings and their stories, plus a bunch of behind-the-scenes details, some in-process snapshots, motherhood/art quotes, and more – including lots of painted skin!

With names like “Quench”, “Bare Essence”, “Swoon”, “Ache” and “Here Comes The Sun”… rest your eyes on this book full of art and beauty that is an early ROOT of my creative craft!

This 73-page e-book does NOT cost you anything, it's free – you can go and get it right here ~ ENJOY!


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You can still save $4 on 2023 Calendars ~ the pile is dwindling but I've got you covered for a bit longer :)

woman and child mom and baby art calendar, collectible calendar, keepsake calendar art

Thank you so much for your loyalty, I hope you have a GREAT week's end! Let me know if there is anything I can create for you.






Love & Sincerely, Katie




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