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I’d like to share Femtique with you ~ one of my wonderful clients ~ but also, an organization that started as a good idea.

Led by Judith’s loving, capable and kind hands, Femtique endorses that wellness is an achievable goal, not simply the absence of illness or disfunctionality ~ I invite you to meet them with this cool video:

In the background, you can see Hearts Full Of Hope, the original painted piece that was created especially for Judith and Femtique.

You can choose a print of Hearts Full Of Hope ~ and a percentage of all sales of this piece from the Katie m. Berggren Online Studio Shop benefits Femtique and their values for increasing the health of womena nd mothers.

Hearts Full Of Hope by Katie m. Berggren

Hearts Full Of Hope by Katie m. Berggren

From the Femtique website:

We at Femtique Associates, Inc. use the Whole Life Health Coaching approach that was developed by Walli Carranza, CNM, PhD.

According to “Dr. Walli,” there are 8 Realms of Life, each of which plays an important role in our perception of wellness.  Here are the 8 Realms of Life and their wellness definitions as defined for the population in general: 

Realm Optimum Wellness and Functionality



A body that feels good throughout the day and allows for full functionality in movement, nourishment, cardiovascular and respiratory function, reproduction and the expression of sexuality,excretion, communication and all other realms of life.





Cognitive, emotional and behavioral ability to experience the full range of human experiences, including thinking, feeling, discerning, expressing, remembering and maintaining emotional balance.


The ability to initiate and maintain healthy relationships as well as the ability to avoid and terminate those relationships that do not serve.


Spiritual The ability to discern and integrate a sense of personal mission; a reason for being and a connection to a purpose greater than oneself or one’s lifetime.


Economic The ability to attain and wisely use sufficient resources to meet the needs of oneself and other dependents, enough to protect against a time with decreased access to resources or for future needs and that which can be donated to the good of others.  “The opposite of poverty is not wealth; it is enough.”


Academic The ability to acquire knowledge, skills and motivation needed to carry out work and to fulfill roles in family, community, national and international life. Also, the ability to learn throughout the lifetime.


Professional/Vocational The ability to carry out responsibilities of work, to generate income and to give back to the development of the profession/vocation.  
Environmental The ability to be envision, plan, create and maintain spaces for living, working, transportation and recreation that are safe, invigorating and peaceful.


Have a wonderful day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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