Feeling Thankful & Writing It Down


gratitude journaling

gratitude journaling (note that BOTH of my boys are lefties, just like me!)



Well, summer is here which means long day after long day of mama attempting to work/move/cook/clean/function around the playtime of two happy & busy little boys. I have many fun ideas for us to do together, but mostly, they just want to play!

My 7 year old seeks out adventure and creates excitement in every situation, including minecraft, where he concepts and customizes amazing machines and architecture. He keeps us all young.

My 9 year old is always scheming, and is currently coding and programming a 3 dimensional computer game. His mind blows my mind. They love each other so so much, and they love me, too. We have so much to be grateful for.

This summer, we’ve begun a family practice of gratitude journaling. It comes after each dinner time, and our 4 journals live in the middle of the table so that we don’t forget. We all journal 5 things we are grateful for in 5+ sentences, then share them. It has been awesome to hear where we are all coming from. One day we watched a man fishing, and he lost the fish that he almost caught. That night, my 9 year old wrote that he was thankful that the man hadn’t caught that fish… he didn’t want to see the fish get hurt.

This is a fledgling adventure ~ we are but a couple weeks in, but I love it. And to be honest, even though they occasionally drag their feet, I think my three boys love it too.

I’m so thankful for this practice and this routine. It helps hold our time together as our days draw to a close.

What are you thankful for?

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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