Featured Artist Marie Wise ~ an artful journey

image: Marie Wise in her Kalama, Washington studio

When I moved to Kalama, Washington in 2003, I was lucky to hook up with a few inspirational artists ~ Marie Wise being one. She and I have shared many meetings and meals, discussing art as a craft and art as a business.

My family left Kalama in 2009, and Marie and I have continued on our artful paths. Last week, we met up again in Longview, at the Lord & McCord Art Works Gallery where 6 of my paintings are showing for the month of October.

Marie is represented by the gallery next door to Lord & McCord: The Broadway Gallery. She allowed me to photograph her with her artwork at The Broadway Gallery, and I’m honored to feature her here.

View Marie Wise’s Website & Blog

Take a peek at Marie’s book Power Of The Wind ~
Marie’s three-year journey to paint the wind

From Marie:

“Art touches the depth of my soul and spirit.”
I enjoy filling my paintings with powerful and often feminine subjects. My florals, landscapes and nautical paintings are lush and deeply colored. Design and pattern are very important to my compositions. Although my style is eclectic and varies from painting to painting, I try to capture one reflective moment, punctuated with symbolic elements that portray powerful messages, where viewers can find a connecting emotional bond.

Marie Wise at The Broadway Gallery ~ October 2011

  Marie’s Paintings on display

We reconnect at Lord & McCord Art Works Gallery on October 6, 2011

Marie Wise has been involved in numerous group and featured artist exhibitions over the years and has won many awards. Her work is displayed in local restaurants, gift shops, banks, galleries and businesses. Over the years her paintings have been acquired by friends, family, local collectors, businesses and corporate offices. She paints in her studio in Kalama, Washington, overlooking the scenic Columbia River.

 Sunset’s Repose ~ a brand new painting by Marie Wise


You may find Marie Wise’s paintings and products available for purchase at The Broadway Gallery in Longview Washington


Love & Sincerely, Katie

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