Featured Artist: Audrey Hoffman ~ weaver, printmaker

In 2004 I was represented by The Broadway Gallery in Longview Washington. I had the opportunity, while there, to make contact with so many inspirational artists.
Just one of them is Audrey Hoffman. Audrey’s approachable, yet wise demeanor always had me smiling when I visited.
I remember feeling particularly quiet around her ~ peaceful. And she is incredibly imaginative and creative. She reminds me of my own Grandmother.

This month, as I attended the opening for my small showing at Lord & McCord Art Works Gallery in Longview, I had the opportunity to reconnect with Audrey, and it was a joy.

Audrey creates fantastic handmade books, among other items. She calls herself a weaver and a printmaker.
“I’ve appreciated the freedom I’ve always had
to investigate and explore,
and to seek answers to life’s puzzles, big and small.
I’ve always been a day dreamer
on a journey of discovery.”
~ Audrey Hoffman

Side note: when I was in college, 2000, I wrote a grant proposal requesting to complete a project surrounding the women of Ellensburg, Washington. I sought out 9 phenomenal women who had lived in the Kittitas Valley most of their lives. They shared their stories with me and I photographed them. It was amazing. Photographing Audrey with her books and masks quickly catapulted me back to that time in 2000. I love photographing women’s hands encapsulating items that bring meaning to them. Someday I will share this early photography/journalism project with you.
I always liked this early photo of Audrey, on display at The Broadway Gallery
First Place winner
Audrey Hoffman’s mask
crafted with leaves
from a money plant,
lichen, and handmade paper
I very much valued the time Audrey spent sharing her books with me, and she also shared her masks. The Broadway Gallery is currently having a display of artist-made masks, and Audrey’s mask won first place.
Another of Audrey’s masks ~ sold
The Broadway Gallery’s display of artist-made masks
You may find Audrey’s handcrafted products, available for sale at The Broadway Gallery in Longview Washington.
Love & Sincerely, Katie

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