Family Of Four Project ~ collage prints!

1 composition ~ 4 handfuls of color ~ 4 completed paintings ~ 1 Virtual Art Opening

the Family Of Four Project is a new project of original paintings ~ each set of 4 paintings will be created as an exploration of color and texture for one composition. Each original painting becomes available (and some are available here), but something cool came to mind… what about a 12×12 collage print featuring all of the pieces from one family?

 There have been two sets in the Family Of Four Project released thus far

I’ve got a sample of the first set from the Family Of Four Project as a collage print, what do you think?


4 lovely prints in one archival image
that will fit into a standard 12×12″ frame.
You don’t even need a mat.



And here is a sample of the second set from the Family Of Four Project as a collage print:



You can click the images above to see these collage prints and some details in the shop.

What a fun way to celebrate
babywearing and motherhood.

I’d love to hear what you think, and which one is your favorite.


Have a great day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie


Follow along with the process of these paintings on the Facebook Page. Once comple, the four paintings are then released during a Virtual Art Opening.

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