Event Friday - Interview - Silent Story♥


I have an event tomorrow!


If you are in the Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR area, please join me on Friday, May 6th from 5-8pm at The Difference in downtown Vancouver.


Browse and touch my newest available original paintings on canvas and panel and explore a boutique full of high-quality clothing, expert stylists and a relaxed and fun shopping atmosphere. We'll have some bubbly drinks ready, and are excited to see you! 


Please introduce yourself to me if we haven't met in a while!


Here's an interview I did with Daron, personal stylist at The Difference, yesterday while setting up the show.  





In Other Non-Location-Specific News :) 


A Silent Story is at the printer and I will have a physical proof tomorrow (eeek!) I'll be posting about it in my private Facebook Group. Come on over for the newest updates and upcoming surprises.

View the page devoted to A Silent Story


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Read about (and see!) how The Seeker goes from light to dark.


I've lately been re-reading journal entries and intentions that I wrote for this book, nearly 3 years ago. My original (not-well-thought-out) plan was to release the book on my 42nd birthday. I turn 44 on May 15 this year, and if I had released the book 2 years ago... it would have been a shadow, just a slice, of what it ended up being.


You can still order a copy! Thank you for your trust & support!


Let me know if you have any questions.
Love & Sincerely, Katie


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