English Estate Winery ~ The NEXT Event ~ sneak peek at tomorrow’s 10×10

The English Estate Winery Art & Wine Fair in Vancouver Washington has already come and gone ~ and I enjoyed my time at this event last weekend. What a great opportunity to get out and meet the people, to talk with those who take the time and pennies to purchase the work.

Friday August 6 (4:30-8p) & Saturday August 7 (11-4p) Camas Live, downtown Camas Washington
I will be honored to have a booth there with original paintings, 8×10 & 12×12 prints, art cards and glass art charms
I was once advised by Marty Rudolph, Art Marketing Coach that outdoor art fairs are a great way to find out who your collector base is – to meet the people who are interested in the work and find out why they are and what it means to them.
I adore talking with people, and this was the easiest time I had talking with those who wanted to support the art – practice practice, I guess, because last weekend I found it comfortable and easy to share myself with my buyers. In the past it has always felt like a bit of a struggle (how much do you say, what do you say, how friendly should you be, should you encourage sales?)
This year I was two things: honest, and myself.
I recently read a note by Dana Layon of Zen Flow Yoga about Being Yourself and it helped me to remember that that is what I am best at being and that is the only way to truly feel comfortable. I encourage you to sign up for Dana’s Weekly Om – it is a nice weekly reminder to stay present.
While at the event, I had some time to paint and began working on tomorrow’s 10×10 (titled Listen) – inspired by those I talked with, I determined that this new painting would be a simplified color mix of reds, yellows and browns (see the sneak peek below).
I look forward to showing you the completed piece tomorrow. Directly after releasing the painting, my family and I will be heading off for the beach for several days. Much needed and deserved time in the sand awaits. Any purchases in the Online Etsy Shop will be shipped the following Monday ~
I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday ~ do you find yourself trying to be someone other than yourself? For what reason, and does it accomplish what you hope?
Love & Sincerely, Katie

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