embellished one-of-a-kind art print from Katie m. Berggren

Embellished Prints for Mother's Day Gifts ~ Eye Color Changes

I encourage my collectors to follow their hearts when looking for original motherhood paintings on canvas or art prints on paper or canvas to hang in their homes. To lean toward the pieces that speak to their emotions and stir their feelings, versus worrying about likeness.


Well!! With Mother's Day fast approaching, Embellished Art Prints are available! (More details about the process at the bottom of this email.)


1) Choose your favorite art print (don't forget you can now use filters to sort!)

2) Select the "Embellished Print" option (not avail on all prints, contact me)
3) Tell me in your Order Comments if you want eye color changes or some hair accent colors.

Your Embellished Art Print is truly unique, one-of-a-kind, enhanced just for you, I don't create them until they are ordered.


When someone loves a painting (I can change eye colors on originals too!) or print but chooses to walk away because the eye color isn’t a match, that is a missed opportunity to have art in their lives, and mostly a missed chance for a child to SEE how their mama feels about them.

Because when words can't speak, art will.


I was nervous about getting these right at first... but now I LOVE creating them!

Here's a video showing some being done!


KmBerggren One-Of-A-Kind Motherhood Art Print - Eye Color Changes


Here’s what an Embellished Art Print is:

~I created your art print on my high-end printer onto premium smooth heavyweight matte (not shiny) paper with an 8-ink archival color process. Archival means the colors are rich, vibrant and fade-proof to last a lifetime, 100+ years.


~High quality, color resistant prints are signed in pencil on the front right corner.


~I take your art print to my clean workbench and adorn it in some areas with original paint using my brushes. I add color, texture, highlights and some accents that complement the print, enhancing the colors of the artwork - let me know if you need eye or hair accent color changes!


~I date and sign the back of the print. This makes for a more collectible and valuable piece of finished art. I then wrap and package your print for safe travels to your hands.


~Your Embellished Art Print is truly unique, one-of-a-kind, and especially enhanced just for you, one at a time by me. I don't create them until they are ordered.


Embellished Motherhood art print from Katie m. Berggren

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week's end.
Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy.
Love & Sincerely, Katie


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