Drawing In Traffic, New Product Coming Soon, Free Cards Friday, Beauty in Solitude… and Goals!

Yes, I draw in traffic – and have been known to pull over to the side of the freeway to fully scratch out an idea.

My time alone in the car with my music is worth an hour of therapy, I imagine.

With sunglasses on, I feel I’m disguised enough from other drivers to feel the music and sing along – note – I’m NOT the girl you’ve seen who is completely rocking out behind the weel, I just open my soul and let the tunes wash me out.

Some of my favorite car music is: Hall & Oates, The Guess Who, Johnny Cash, Anna Nalick, Train, Tom Petty and Billy Joel… and I also love educational talk radio.

I have a new product coming in a few days, I can’t wait to show you! Sneak Peek Coming Soon! Oh Oh Oh, they are SO cute
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Above image: Beauty In Solitude, 24×30 painting – hanging at the lovely Zenana Spa in Portland, and available to take home if you’d like to run by and check it out!

Have an inspired weekend,
Love & Sincerely, Katie
PS: I achieved ALL of my lofty goals set for this week, how about you – did you achieve your goals? You did set some, right?

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