Drape is this week’s Giclee ~ A Limited, Signed and Numbered Edition of Only 30

Drape is this week’s Giclee!

These are signed and numbered, archival prints from a Limited Edition of only 30, EVER!
Once the 30 are gone, there will be no more 12×15 Drapes, EVER!

You can get yours in the Online Etsy Shop!

Giclees are Museum quality Fine-Art reproductions, also called Archival Prints. These are the result of highly advanced digital printing technology using fade-resistant archival (acid free) inks inks known to last at least 70 years.A Giclee is the closest to an original painting as you can get.

These prints are made using an ultra-high-resolution printer, using enhanced smooth matte acid free paper.

The color, quality of materials, and overall look makes a Giclee much more valuable than any other type of reproduction. Notably more valuable if the edition is limited to 100 prints or less, and if the Giclee has been pencil signed and numbered by the Artist.

The Forty Minis Collection is Revving Up!

Beginning Thursday morning, December 3, 2009…

FORTY (40) 10×10″ paintings will begin to be released ~ ONE per Thursday morning until the Collection is complete.

UNLIKE the 85 8x8s Collection ~ once the original 10×10 has sold from The Forty Minis Collection, I’ll offer 8×10 prints of each painting.

Each 10×10 original painting in The Forty Minis Collection will sell for $120 plus $10 shipping through the Online Etsy Shop, and the prints will be $14 each, also available through the Online Etsy Shop.

Have a great Thursday!

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