Dig Down Deep ~ Music ~ Studio Closure

Music is life… art is life. The power that flows through us from a heart-touching song, or an eye-opening painting or sculpture… that is not something to be ignored.

When a song touches me deep, I snag it, I save it for a day when I need it. Music lifts me from my depths and sends my mind and heart travelling down new roads.

I know you are there with me, feeling from deep within, while a song takes you away… makes you dig deep into your own life/memories/desires/inspirations.

In my life there have been many song-crushes. Fewer artist-crushes, which I find interesting. I imagine that since I’m a visual creator, I seek out the audible creators that move my soul.

My current song-crushes that I hope will move you, too:

Marc Cohn, Dig Down Deep

Vance Joy, Where We Start 

SYML, Where’s My Love

Celine Dion, Because You Loved Me

If you want to know what fires me up in the studio… the music above is a good example


I’ve been busy in the studio working on commissioned paintings, surprises for special moms (and some dads!) ~ I’ve sunk in deep while standing at the easel, hours and hours floating away on happiness. I couldn’t ask for a better job. Thank you to all of you who make this possible. I appreciate you so much.

A couple announcements:

I’ve got new merch – lovely new art shirts, check them out here for more styles/colors and photos: www.Represent.com/store/KmBerggren

I’m closing my studio for a week starting Saturday – each year I do this, a tiny sabbatical to leave it all behind and head out in other directions. I still draw in my journal while the studio door is closed. A good break feels so healthy and re-invigorating. Orders placed before Saturday will process/ship before I close

I will have several paintings waiting for me when I open the doors again. Including the newest Mindful Mothering Project painting. You can go on Facebook or Instagram and search “#KmBMMP” to see what’s up.

The Mindful Mothering Project by Katie m. Berggren


Thank you for following along!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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