Desiring Mindfully

Desiring Mindfully

If I really listen to my soul, it speaks to me of a few enthusiasms: compassion, creation, simplicity, service. 


Have you given your soul a quiet moment to speak to you lately?


I’ve wondered how can I love being a creator, while maintaining a deep desire for simplicity and minimalism?


I see minimalism as desiring mindfully, buying with intention, and owning only what sings to our souls (or is very useful. My carrot peeler is appreciated but doesn’t sing to my soul). 


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Mainly, owning less ‘stuff’ makes the special things you own really shine! That special painting… that house plant lush in its pretty pot… those photos and prints on your family collage wall? When they aren’t surrounded by plastic containers, laundry, piles of books and extra things, they really stand out!


They scream your values from the walls:
 family, love and beauty are the priorities here!


When my boys were very young, Voluntary Simplicity hit me hard. Like a piece fitting into a puzzle. FlyLady, Duane Elgin, Miss Minimalist. These were my stepping off points.


Then, the Simple Living Guide. These writers scratched itches I didn’t realize it was possible to satisfy. 


Wait til I tell you about one of my most memorable de-cluttering sessions – yikes – that story is coming in a couple weeks.


I braided simplicity and creation together right from the start – although I’m certainly not saying that all my paintings since then have been full of open spaces and clean lines, some are full of movement!


Here is a piece I created early on (January 2007), it is called Simplicity With Lemons. I felt that if I could create the feelings of space and ease in a painting, then I could bring beautiful simplicity into a space. I still want to do this.


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Minimalism and decluttering are my love languages, ha ha! Write me back and tell me how you feel about this topic. Anything you specifically want to chat about in the coming weeks?


Thank you for being here with me. In this crazy world, I'm grateful to be connected.


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Have a great day!


Love & Sincerely,



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