Crush & Dance (progress)

I snapped this image of my freshly cleaned studio today, featuring Dance (working title) and Crush – Crush will be released tomorrow. They are both 16×20”.

Reading Alyson’s post about Spring Cleaning in the studio inspired me to get to work today when I had some free moments – then again, I’m always inspired to clean, especially in the Spring!

The Sunday before last my sister, mom and I went to the Portland Saturday Market and came across the booth of Flood Clothing ( we were inspired and impressed with Nicole, the owner and creator of 16 different hat styles and a variety of creatively awesome duds made from recycled clothing.


Do you wonder what makes a great gift for mom? Help her to start a collection of meaningful artwork that warms her heart - or add to her existing art collection!


Thursday will bring a few more 8×8 paintings, stay tuned! There are also some that have been buried that I believe must be brought back out to do their job – allow us to physically hold onto those precious moments with our babies.

From the moment I was inspired to create this painting, I knew it would be warm with golden yellows – the idea of seeking solace in the safety of mama’s collar gives me chills, and at times I long for my babies to be this small again. < Promises Kept, 2 of 85 8x8s When adult-life gets in the way, I am urged to take note of the fact that my little boys are the ones who love me most in the world – they are the number one priority – it helps to be reminded because adult-issues have a way of commandeering my focus at times.

You can see more images of these two paintings at

Have a great night! Love, Katie

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