Contented Souls ♥ The Open Skies Collection


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Above: Contented Souls, 14x11 inch original painting on deep canvas, currently available



I spent hours in this world... 
now it’s your turn.


Contented Souls is complete! I finished her on an Instagram live story this morning. OH, do I love falling into her magical sea. The hidden colors, the sheen, the texture of the sand. I just wanted to show you right away :)


 Watch her being created, here!


No matter the size of our physical spaces, we can get lost in the expansiveness of art.


Each new painting in my Open Skies Collection began with me needing MY space. My locked-in, leave-me-alone place and time. But they blossom into their own sources of HOPE. Rectangles of light and sky where you are welcomed, where you can feel like this world is your own. Dwell here and take a moment. Sit in peace. Breathe. Feel in control.


Thank you for taking this time with me!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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