Charms in Progress – 1st Giclee Tomorrow Morning – December Plans

Good evening!

Stand-by, the first Giclee release is TOMORROW MORNING!! Stay tuned to the Giclee page in the Online Esy Shop if you’d like to grab one!

(PSSSTTTT…. it’s Linger)


Today, my boys and I were playing at the park ~ goofing off and channelling Superman from the swings… a Daddy and his (cutest I’ve ever seen) little girls came to play. He had just gotten off work, I could tell, as he watched them play – his face serious and furrowed – giving them just as much attention as they needed to not fall from the climbing bars…

It was time for us to go so I enticed my boys into a 3 minute game of tag before we had to walk home. Our tag game sent us flying through the grass, arms out, wild-eyed and crazy ~ fun.

…the little girls watched us with shy smiles…

Our three minutes turned into five and I raced my boys to the wagon and the entrance to the park. We trudged home, hand in hand and as we came around the corner, I turned back to see the two little girls enticing their Daddy into a game of tag – in the same area of grass where we had been playing near the park toys. I stared and observed, as I usually do whenever another human is close by (especially a parent), and felt so happy as I watched the Daddy go from hands-in-his-pockets watching the girls chase each other to jogging around with them ~ having a bit of a good time.

I felt warm with pride for my little boys and our little family. It may have been the nicest thing we ‘ve done for someone else all week.


On another note, I’m working on a few more (6) Glass Art Charms in the studio tonite, as well as thinking about December, let me tell you what I have in mind

The Fourty Mini Collection – beginning Thursday, December 3, 2009 ~ 40 10×10″ paintings to be released ONE per week on Thursday mornings.

Hang on! There’s only one, but once the original has sold, I’ll offer 7×7 prints of the painting!

Each 10×10″ painting will sell for $120 plus $10 shipping through the Online Etsy Shop, and the prints will be $14 each, also available through the Online Etsy Shop.

I’d love to know your thoughts!

Love & Sincerely,


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