Capturing Your Story

What is your biggest problem with capturing your story of how you adore your child?

It’s not always easy to get a note written in their baby book ~ we don’t always have our camera handy ~ we don’t always have the time to get the photo album updated, do we?

So much so much so much!!

We know in our hearts that we need to relish this time, as we know that childhood is one of the most important times we can NEVER GET BACK! And we know that we need to capture it however we can ~ because even a little is better than none.

How are you creating not only a legacy and a story for your child to look back on and cherish, but an effort or display of how you celebrate them TODAY, right NOW?

Dawn’s kind words:

“I have so much more I want to say to you to express my appreciation of your art, your gift of capturing moments of motherhood, your way of expressing into the written word exactly how a mother feels in the moment, and for how you share these joyful and heartfelt experiences with me and others…”

Love What You Do by Katie m. Berggren

Love What You Do by Katie m. Berggren

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