Calendar Gift ~ Print Changes ~ Milk & Honey

Three things to share today

1) a print-size change
2) a calendar free gift offer
3) Milk & Honey, the birth story of an early painting

1) I spent 50 hours re-inventing my print offerings.
My print sizes now match my image shapes ~ this is something I’ve been wanting to do (but was afraid to) for years. I did it and I’m thrilled. Learn more here.

I’m offering a couple new smaller print sizes, now. 5×7 and 5×5 inch. They are cluster-able, collectable, frame-able, give-able. They sit on a tiny easel, rest on a shelf and look rad propped on a desk or bedside table. You can get a package deal on them here. Just in time for easy, lovely gift-giving Choose this smaller print size with almost ALL of my print images. Tell YOUR story with these pieces… Note the below image of the collection on the wall; it tells a story from 1 child to 4 children  

2) Get a Free 8 inch archival print with Calendar Orders ($22 value). Through Sunday, 11/24, right here, for just four days. You can write your print choice in the comments of your order, or I’ll pick a print for you.

If you choose an image that is square, you’ll get an 8×8 inch print, if you choose an image that is rectangular, you’ll get an 8×10 inch print.

(if you don’t choose, you’ll get one of my top-selling discontinued 8×10 prints of square images)

3) The Birth Story of an Early Painting ~ Milk & Honey, 2008

“Milk is the symbol of the first aspect of love, that of care and affirmation. Honey symbolizes the sweetness of life, the love for it and the happiness in being alive. Most mothers are capable of giving ‘milk’, but only a minority of giving ‘honey’ too. In order to be able to give honey, a mother must not only be a ‘good mother’, but a happy person…” ~ Erich Fromm (1900-1980)

I was intensely inspired by the above quote and thus created Milk & Honey in 2008.

The child in this painting is well-loved, comfortable, pink in the face from play and affection. And the mother… not only does she love the dickens out of her child, but she is also pursuing that which makes her a happy person.

That which makes her happy is represented as a little bird. An interest she can hold onto only sometimes, she can think about and let fly away. A desire/craft/urge/business/hobby/devotion that she knows will wait in the wings for her until she is ready to devote time to it. An activity that she can fly high with or keep close in an enclosure. Something that will grow as her child grows, will never outpace her child in love & devotion, but will give her strength and nurturing when she needs it.

For me, this little bird is painting. And having a soul-centered heart-driven business that allows me to connect with mothers all over the globe.

There is a fine balance, I think, in knowing where it’s okay to draw the line with one aspect of life (“I’m going to take a break from playing, sweetie”), so that you can give some attention to the other part of you – thus helping us to feel like more of a whole person.

I’m ALWAYS in the process of learning this.

This original painting sold years ago, but I have prints of her, available here.


Thank you for your time. I hope you have a WONDERFUL week’s end.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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