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I love creating art ~ I love touching people’s feelings, inspiring moments and making folks think and remember. I LOVE it. It is my passion.

I love seeing my paintings used to create inspiring and purposeful items. I am a minsumer; which for me refers to the fact that I am not a big buyer, a big consumer. I purchase things that really speak to me, but I spend most of my money on healthy produce and art supplies so I can feed my family and my passion. I also spend on the creations of my those whom I admire, with an intention of someday having walls adorned with beautiful and thought-provoking story-infused art.

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I do not love mass consumerism, I do not love multitudes of cheap-o things created just to sell, with no thought for the process of creation, or they whom created it. I struggle with this on a daily basis: supporting my family (healthy organic produce can get spendy) but at the same time creating conscious products on my own. It is indeed a daily struggle, but I know I am not alone.

Since I DO love to create things, I love handmade. The handmade movement inspires creation by hand while infusing the love and attention of the artist. We, as buyers, get so much more that way!

It is because of this careful and mindful nature that I am very cautious about how my artwork is used. I choose not to have it manufactured in ways that I cannot support and when I am unable to know the ins and outs. There are some control issues in play here, as well, but mostly, my instincts strongly suggest that I keep it as close to home as possible; keep the creation as close to the studio as possible. In the same way I like to fuel my family with foods as close to the earth as possible, and as close to homemade as possible.

This is where I am, right now, in my thinking and my life.

Today, I’d like to share with you my newest fun little inkling ~ these cute little buttons and magnets. They are 1 ¼” across, sweet and lovely.

Each Magnet Set contains:
two (2) motherhood magnets, sized at 1 ¼” across. Featuring (1) magnet of Home and (1) magnet of Spinning Tales. $3.99

Each Button Set contains:
two (2) motherhood buttons, sized at 1 ¼” across.
Featuring (1) button of Home and (1) button of Spinning Tales. $3.99

My brother made these for me, a mere 20 miles from me, as he has perfected his craft and enjoys creating them. I’m thrilled to know that my brother feels good supporting me and I, him.

I do not have a ton of buttons or magnets, but I have had them on my desk looking at me for a couple weeks and I have decided that I might as well get them into your hands, where you can put a little button on your purse, scarf, hat or baby bag; and you can stick a little magnet on your fridge. These would also make easy and affordable gifts.

I suppose, deep down, it is my hope that the little images might remind you of your intentions as a parent, and as you open the fridge to create a meal, you might again be reminded of who you are feeding; how you are nourishing them; and most importantly: why.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Grab the Magnets here

Grab the Buttons here


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