Busy? Hold Your People Close ~ Kindred Collection painting #14

Busy… too BUSY… That word has really bugged me for years. We definitely find ourselves caught up in lots of activities, work and responsibilities, but should we ever be too busy to connect with those we love?

When Grandma is gone, will we regret that we didn’t take that afternoon to go visit with her? When friendships wilt because we’ve neglected them in favor of so many other things… how will that feel in our hearts?

I suggest we Hold Our People Close, so that they may remain Our People.

It is so EASY these days to reach out to someone who may be thrilled to hear from us. Someone who may, at this very moment, feel forgotten, alone, unworthy… A quick text message, a little kiss emoji, a heart, a smiling face, a silly animated gif… we have it so easy these days with our smart technology.

I think of family members, friends and collectors EVERY day. Not a day goes by that I don’t find myself contemplating something funny someone said, or some sadness that seemed apparent, and then immediately feeling very blessed to have that person in my life and wondering if I can touch their heart in some way today. Does that make me strange? Intense? I’m happier for it.

My smart phone (and social media) allows my heart to reach out multiple times a day to people that matter to me. And over time we learn who holds US in the same tender space – who values, misses, loves and remembers US.

It’s one of the most beautiful things, I think, and that is why I say my passion is connection – in my work and in my life.

Hold Your People Close is this week’s Kindred Collection original painting – and she is a direct response to the writing above. In the background, the figures put their backs to the structured, hard-edged, mosaic of responsibilities and doings – they turn toward the softness, while leaning on each other.

Hold Your People Close - new original painting from Katie m. BerggrenHold Your People Close - new original painting from Katie m. Berggren

This new original painting is currently available. Hold Your People Close is a one of a kind 8×8” original painting on deep canvas ~ there is only ever ONE original of each painting

Would you like to see some of her creation process? Here are the Instagram Stories I snagged of her (the video is cropped so we lose some valuable info, because of IG’s format):

I hope you have a wonderful week’s end and a weekend of love & connection with those who matter to you. Thank you for taking the time to read along, 

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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