original painting on paper by Katie m. Berggren

BONUS: Instilling Joy ♥ Painting A Day has ended...?

I wake up in the night after walking through painted color washes in my dreams. I see inspiration everywhere.  Puddles of color, little faces and hands... everywhere. (see the recent pieces)


These new pieces have brought with them a surprising sensation of UPLIFT. Perhaps a trail out of whatever seems dark… I shall follow the trail and see what happens. 


Painting A Day ended yesterday (did you follow along on my FB page?) with 12 days of fresh new paintings. 2 are available! See them below.
(each painting sold = a donation to an organization of the buyer's choice!)


HOWEVER, note the start of this message... these pieces are doing something for me. And because of that I'm going to go a little longer. 


This month I hit 20 years in business! It's been rough being a small biz over the last year, in a world very noisy... but this work feeds my soul (and my family), so I launch forward across more hurdles, just like for the last 20 years. And I always appreciate my amazing collectors ♥♥


SO, I'm going to release some more of these full-of-light and fluidity pieces. Celebrating whimsical figures and connection.


Today's Bonus piece is called Instilling Joy, and at this EXACT moment she is available, but that might not last. I am selling these on a 'first messaged, first snagged' system. Be the first to email/private message me. This original painting on paper is $80 + $6 shipping ($20 international shipping).

original painting on paper by Katie m. Berggren


This little family was just so meant to be, as one of my favorite and most-loved compositions. But this time the children have bouncier hair, and the trio is bathed in warm not-too-bright sun beams. 


original painting on paper by Katie m. Berggren




All of the previous paintings over the last 12 days have been claimed except Answer To No One and Concern & Connection (a diptych: two paintings to make one frameable visual!). 


Write me back if either of them is for you. Answer To No One is is $80 and the set of Concern & Connection is $70.


original painting on paper by Katie m. Berggren

original paintings on paper by Katie m. Berggren


These new paintings are a daily opportunity for YOU to get fresh original art for studio-tour prices. With $10 of each purchase going to an organization of the buyer's choice. 


original paintings on paper by Katie m. Berggren

original paintings on paper by Katie m. Berggren


Between the two of them, Concern & Connection 1 & 2... they tell the story of down and up. The contrast in hair styles, colors and even the positions of their bodies. One sits in a pose that feels resigned and childlike, while her counterpart sits with legs folded in a pose that feels ready to make things happen, despite the bits of blue that are ever-present. Between them they touch… to make things better


I see this as an amazing best-friend gift, with a matching print for you, so that you each have this imagery of connection and meaning in your homes.


These figures are reminiscent of The Seeker in my A Silent Story art book, you can get to know The Seeker, here.


Paintings are signed on the front, autographed, and dated on the back. All pieces are completed on heavy 140lb watercolor paper and varnished for UV protection.


THANK YOU for following along! If you are reading these words, you are rad and I appreciate you ♥


I hope you have a very nice day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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