Blessed Be Me

Creating original paintings of moms and babies is positively an inspiration for me, and a place for my inspiration to play out as well.

Do you wonder what makes a great gift for mom? Help her to start a collection of meaningful artwork that warms her heart - or add to her existing art collection!

Through the 85 8×8 series (working on numbers 14, 15 & 16 right now), I have had the honor to connect with a variety of mothers from around the world – I don’t know whom is meant to inspire whom, but I have found tremendous inspiration from these women (thank you AHW, VTR, SDM, AW, SW… to name a few).

I am finding that from their emailed sentiments I am re-learning to cherish my time with my boys and in the past couple days I’m discovering a lighter heart and relishing in the joys of my two small children, and the addiction to bringing them joy – it can be so easy – I feel so blessed for the reminders.

Connecting with others through original paintings of moms and babies has always been an added bonus of doing what I do – but as my web connections grow (etsy, blogging, twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook, etc) I’m finding it easier to connect and more rewarding to connect. I feel I must note: I do not have the amount of time necessary to do well in all of the above online venues, so the strong ones are rising to the top.

Have a great night.
Love, Katie

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