Birthday Coupon ~ POP in Process ~ Availables

Birthday Coupon ~ POP in Process ~ Availables

15 years ago I was preparing to meet my son. My little wack-a-doo almost arrived in the car on the way BACK to the hospital after I was sent home only 3 hours before. We were safe and healthy and I am thankful. 

One way I'm honoring him this year is to give YOU a gift - 15% off any purchase in my new shop for 3 days only. Starting Now, Ending Saturday. Use code 15WOW. I haven't given a discount code in a long time, but this feels right.


The 7th Annual Painting On Purpose is in process! You can watch her progress in my Instagram Stories.

The PURPOSE for Painting On Purpose is to give ALL of the money from the sale of an original painting, each year, to an organization that benefits mothers and/or children. So far, this project has allowed me to give $4,966 to 6 different organizations. When this new painting sells, the buyer of the painting and I will be teaming up to give $895 to Friends of the Children.
Learn more at @FriendsPDX on Instagram and


Here she is in process, due to be released on February 6, my grandma's 98th birthday. The whole Painting On Purpose project is inspired by my grandma - learn more ...and see a tiny video of her painting at the park :)




 The Thrive Collection release was a wonderful success! There are 3 original paintings remaining, and they are some of my favorites!! Here is a video of me talking about them and showing close-ups :)


I know many of my collectors, new and established, love these pieces, don't forget about the coupon code up above (15WOW) :) I won't be doing another one for quite awhile.


The Wild Tenderness Collection part 3 has 3 original paintings remaining, too! Here's a video of me talking about them and showing close-ups :)

paintings of children and animals - wild tenderness, compassionate art

Thank you for taking the time to follow along with my work.

Have a wonderful week's end, let me know if you have any problems with the coupon... new shop = new problems :) :) but I'm here to help.



Sincerely, Katie

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