Being Brave ~ mermaid paintings

Recently, I posted a message on FB and IG, with a painting I’d been working on, here is the message:
Every painting or drawing you see on Instagram or facebook ~ every song you hear on the radio or see on YouTube, represents someone being brave ~ someone putting their heart on the line to create and share. Here is my bravery for this moment: this piece I’ve been working on but hiding from everyone, because she represents a merging of my old self (drawing birds) and my new self (painting motherhood) you don’t have to give me any feedback, I don’t need it or expect it ~ but I needed to be brave.
I then shut off my computer and phone and didn’t come back for over 13 hours. Boy, that felt good. To be honest and then to walk away with no expectations. By the way, folks were very sweet. (You can see their thoughts here. thank you.)
I’ve since completed Strength Of Heart, the original painting. And now I’ve been working on Mermaids ~ also some whimsy from my past.
Strength Of Heart by Katie m. Berggren

Strength Of Heart by Katie m. Berggren

I realized yesterday, that the anxiety issues I’d been dealing with in my belly lately, have stopped, since I began painting Mermaids. It’s not the Mermaids, of course, it’s the freedom, it’s the act of listening to and following an authentic calling from within.
In this case, my authentic calling was telling me to loosen up and have some fun.
In the last couple weeks there have been 3 new Mermaid paintings: Mermaid Mama, Most Gentle Soul, and Boundless. All three of these original paintings flew from the studio nearly before their paint was dry, but I have prints of them (click on the image below to access prints).
Mermaid Paintings
And today, I have a fourth painting to share with you: Head Over Heels. Four wiggly swimmers, choosing freedom of spirit over being grounded and shy. I love her. I have three siblings, three boys in my house, and I’m drawn to the number four.
She is a 12×12″ original painting on canvas for $400. She’ll arrive with a stack of free art cards, and if you use the coupon code SHIPLOVE, you’ll get free global shipping
Head Over Heels by Katie m. Berggren

Head Over Heels by Katie m. Berggren

Enjoy! And I hope you will step out, to be YOU. Please be authentically, un-mistakably and unapologetically YOU. We all need the real you.

Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL day! Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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