Baby Alone

Life Is But A Dream by Katie m. Berggren
Life Is But A Dream by Katie m. Berggren ~ snag a print here

While lying next to my son who is quickly drifting off to sleep, I’m going over a thought my friend Liz shared this afternoon while we visited: Why is it that, in a home, the two people who are the oldest and most capable of understanding and being alone and sleeping alone, sleep together; and the smallest person, the one who is still learning and trying to understand, sleeps alone?


I roll this around in my hazy, sleepy mind ~ not looking at it too closely, not wanting to concentrate directly on it, just wanting to move it around and get its essence, get the general feeling of it. As one would roll a butterscotch candy around the mouth, keeping it moving with the tongue but never sucking too hard, or actually biting. Just wanting to enjoy the flavor and gather the essence.


This thought, though, of the smallest one, the one most likely to feel fear, loneliness, uncertainty ~ as the one who is alone through the night… Close, yet alone. It is an interesting thought.


As I try to pull a general feeling from this, I find I’m also very open to pulling an image.. What sort of a painting could this contemplation inspire?


And in regard to a finished painting stemming from this inspiration: what could it share and what could it teach?

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