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Available Gifts for Mother's Day, Thrive & POP

This has been a big month. How are you doing? It seems my heart has been in my throat so much lately. I'm not sure exactly what is going on, but I'm listening. I hope you are doing well.


The Thrive Collection part 2 released on 2/12/21, and there are 15 paintings in the collection. FIVE Original Thrive paintings are available. They are five of my favorites, for real! Go check them out.


Artwork speaks when words can't and original collectible paintings make amazing Mother's Day gifts. I create these paintings because MY heart needs them, but I know also that they are meant to bless another mother. I've known since day 1.

paintings of flowers and families, mom baby in the garden artwork, gifts for mom who gardens


Fleeting & Forever is a sweet sentimental piece in this collection, so I want to do a call-out to her. The original painting shipped on Tuesday to a special new home.

mother and daughter dancing beneath the cherry blossom trees artwork

Choose a print of Fleeting & Forever as a meaningful gift for a special mother and daughter duo.


A mother-daughter moment beneath the cherry blossoms, fleeting…
embedded for a lifetime in the heart. 


Go see if one of my original mother child paintings is calling to you! These paintings are ready to ship.




The Painting On Purpose painting, Source Of Warmth, was released on the day my Grandma Neva turned 98 years old (2/6/21) and SOLD the same day. It will soon be paid off and then the money will go straight to Friends Of The Children.

 (As you can see, I offer payment plans for my paintings if you ever need that interest-free option, just reach out to me.)

 I'm thankful that POP is one of the ways that my hard work can pay off for others. Painting On Purpose started as just a flickering notion, and has grown into a yearly project that has given almost 6K to organizations that tend to mothers and children.

Mother with three children and a butterfly art print gift


Thank you for taking the time to follow along with my work.

Have a wonderful week's end!


Love & Sincerely, Katie

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