Authentic & Regret-less

No Regrets by Katie m. Berggren

No Regrets by Katie m. Berggren ~ snag a print of No Regrets here

Do you find yourself afraid to use your voice? Do you find yourself fearful of what others will think? Do you wonder if what you say is respectable or acceptable, or if you are going to sound loopy?

What if others assume you don’t know what you are talking about?

What is the value in being authentic, saying what you need to say (uh oh, I feel a John Mayer song coming on!) and not changing your opinions to please whoever you are with at a given moment?

Personally, I’m working on staying true to my authenticity. I’m working on speaking up and speaking my truth. I’m not struggling.

At the end of the day, when we’ve been authentic and honest, we have nothing to feel bad about. Our soul can feel level and at ease because we haven’t bent the truth, sacrificed our values or created an image we will later have to maintain. We have no regrets.

And thus, in my opinion, false friendships aren’t formed, because when we are our true selves, we attract those who like us as we are. And that is a wonderful gift that keeps on giving.

I want to be that person who speaks sincerely, openly and honestly. I want others to ask for my opinion because they know I’ll give it whole-heartedly and kindly.

What about you, Mama? I think as women and mothers we sometimes end up behind the scenes, off stage, and not being heard. Not to mention not being listened to.

Do you find you are afraid to speak up ~ and if so ~ WHAT do you do about it? Do you quiet down, do you write it down, or do you ignore the fear and speak UP? I’d like to know <3

Submit a comment in the box below ~ because even a short thought you have may inspire many other mamas who are reading this today.

Have a great day,

Love & Sincerely, Katie

above image: No Regrets by Katie m. Berggren ~ snag an archival print of No Regrets here, available in three sizes

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