Audio Visual Books of A Silent Story!

Audio Visual Books of A Silent Story!

I now have the A Silent Story Audio Visual books READY! What a labor of love these were. I anticipated that I could MAYBE pull them off in 1 or 2 takes. But talking about over 90 pages of art WITHOUT making a mistake or tripping over my tongue or doing something silly with my hand? Impossible.


In the end I decided to cut them into 1-2 spread takes, so about 48 takes later, I had all the files 😊


The Audio Visual books are now ready for YOU!!


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May I say that I really love them? I love the experience of following through the pages and having a voice tell me about the colors and the characters, the little hidden Easter eggs and doo-dads. LOVED IT.


And I wasn’t even thinking about it being me. I was just following along with my friend, The Seeker. Our friend.


I recommend the Audio Visual book with the hard copy book, for this reason:

Find and validate YOUR journey within the pages of A Silent Story, on your own. Use YOUR words to design the meaning behind the artwork. Take YOUR time.

THEN… take a shared adventure, with your book in hand, along with me, to discover the original intentions behind the artwork, the colors, the shapes and characters. We will turn the pages together, and the conversational artist commentary can deepen your experience.

I have put together some rad Bundle Options in the shop for you, too


►►Those who have already purchased a hard copy of the A Silent Story book, up to now, will get a discount code to save on their Audio Visual book. If you have not received your code yet, email me back and I’ll give it to you!!

I also have created a brand new website devoted to The Seeker and A Silent Story.

I will post updates there for book #2, A Silent Story of Loving & Letting Go, soon. In the meantime, the private group is the BEST place to stay updated!

I'm always here for your questions!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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