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The job of my mother child original paintings isn’t complete until they are in the homes of those who love them – eliciting feelings, memories and/or emotions when needed, or when viewed. Doing their job as wall decor for mom's room and artwork for baby's nursery walls.

Is that not the purpose of art in general?

Obviously, I don’t paint for the garage or the storage bin, or my studio – but for you, and me. I have no problem getting my paintings out into the world. Once complete, I automatically plan where they will hang in public.

I have been asked time and time again if it is hard to sell the work ~ after spending so much time with it, but the truth is ~ each piece comes from my heart and my soul – I feel like the process of painting is a gift for myself, and the completed piece is my gift to the world. I once read that the purpose of life (and I apologize, I don’t remember who said these perfect words that I am about to butcher, but I’ll do some more research and let you know when I find out) – the meaning of life is to find what your passion is and the purpose of life is to share that passion with others.

These collectors have graciously shared these images with me, along with story after story of how they have been touched by the pieces. I feel so blessed to be the one holding the brush, as the images and inspiration flow through.

3 new 8x8s being prepped for tomorrow’s release!
Paintings on display, top to bottom:
Back To Back & No Regrets (later joined by Perhaps) (Thanks K!)
Mandy’s Painting (Thanks M!)

Mother’s Day (top center) and a variety of prints and cards (Thanks N!)

Little Secret, Nourish 2 & Close Knit (Thanks K!)

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