Artful Bliss ~ August 2011 ~ Portland Oregon

The paintings display beautifully at New Day Center for the Arts in Portland, Oregon. The show will come down during next week.

It was another one of those cheek-aching evenings ~ where I got to meet and visit with many new people. I know it is a good event when my cheek muscles ache from smiling within the first hour.


My buddy, Liz Ness of Liz Ness Studio ~ mixed-media artist/painter/tech-guru!


Each painting has a story ~ and we’ve included the stories with the paintings ~ visitors to this event remarked on how they loved to read the thoughts behind the pieces ~ the intentions.


 The Four Women who put it all together (from left to right):
Liz Ness of Liz Ness Studio, Myself, Kirsten Klug of Bamboo River Press, and Linda Krueger of Say Healthy Chocolate

Linda offered Xocai Chocolate samples, Kirsten shared her activity book for children, and Liz and Myself shared our artwork. It was a lovely evening with delicious treats, conversation, and music in the air.

Visitors enjoyed the songs and stories of Portland’s own singer/songwriter Mila Polevia

Our ample supply of varied hors d’oeuvres were well enjoyed ~ especially by the children who danced around and played throughout the evening.


I had the opportunity, during this event, to meet Currie, and present to her her completed commissioned painting, Over The Moon. 


During our event, a special adjoining room allowed children to create their own art ~ thank you to Kirsten Klug and her family for making this possible.

It was an evening worth sharing ~ and I hope those who came and shared had a wonderful time. Thank you to Kerri Altom and Kayt Huggans for photography

Have a wonderful evening,
Love & Sincerely, Katie

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