Art Charms – Tiny Moments To Take Along! Released on Wednesday!

Introducing: Art Charms – Tiny Moments To Take Along!

Art Charms are created using reclaimed Scrabble® game tiles and are approximately ¾” square.

They are sealed (water resistant but not waterproof!) and finished with a high gloss, glass-like, non-toxic sealant and a Sterling Silver plated bail.

The letter on the back of your charm will be a surprise!

Due to the fact that these little charms are handmade by me ~ each one is unique & may vary slightly in color or design. They’ll look lovely as they dangle from hemp, wire, chain, beads, pins or bracelets – you choose where to hang your new Tiny Moment.

Please take great care around babies and young children, these are smooth and tempting, so let’s keep the babes safe!

See the available Art Charms here – several more will be added to
the shop early in the week!

Here are some sweet words from a wonderful new collector:

I love your art for the motherly feel. I have a 6 year old boy and a 2 year old girl and a loving husband ~ and my kids have big green eyes and your work really captures that cheeky, cute sweet side to being a mum with that loving, nurturing feeling sprinkled on top! ~J.P., Australia

Thank You Jasmin!

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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