Art Calendars are IN ~ Love Them More, new painting

They are HERE. The 2020 Motherhood Art Calendars have arrived. I’m stoked. They look great. There is always nervous energy when opening a bunch of boxes… there’s no turning back. But they are beautiful. Phew.

You can watch my unboxing and a visual tour of the calendar in my Instagram (@KmBerggrenArt) (click on the big circle of my painting on the top of the page!). If you need help accessing the videos, let me know! They expire in 24 hours and will disappear.

My Motherhood Art Calendars usually sell out about 1/2way through December, so I invite you to grab yours here.

SHIPPING NOTE: Choose the $5 Flat Rate shipping option (USA orders). ​Single Calendars ship via First Class Mail (they weigh almost a pound!). Multiple Calendars ship together via Priority Mail – even if you choose the flat rate $5 option! ​​Choose 3 Calendars and get the 4th FREE, here.

I know $5 seems like a big shipping cost for something made of paper… but these suckers are high-quality and heavy.

If you choose the Buy 3 Get One Free option…
you can STILL get $5 shipping!!

I’m working on autographing them today, and I haven’t done their official photoshoot, so here’s a snapshot AND you can see the whole thing, as mentioned above, in Stories.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Just finished last night: Love Them More
original painting on canvas

Love Them More… all of them —> your loved ones. Share your love and your time. If someone leaves you because you love them too authentically, then you never truly ‘had’ them (been there). Love Heals.
I’m a sucker for before and after photos, so I’m sharing this image with you. For such a small painting (8×8”), Love Them More sure challenged me!

I just put Love Them More in the shop – click on her image above

The newest several paintings haven’t even made it to the shop before being snagged by beautiful mamas who want to expand their KmB Collections… which makes my heart SOAR (and makes me grab another canvas and pour out more love and inspiration!!) THANK YOU!!

I hope you are having a great week.

Drink some more water, take some more deep breaths. Move your body today. Shoot for good sleep tonite. Know you are loved…

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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