mother and child sitting in the woods artwork, paintings of trees, kmberggren

A Place Of Possibilities ♥ Nimble ♥ Nature

No matter how crazy and small the world seems inside our heads ~ busy days, distractions… there is a place for us, a place to sit and see expansion, and we can go there together, even when we are apart.

Because the living world outside our offices, studios, homes, cars… is huge and full of possibility. And sunshine on grass, and breeze through trees can forever take us back to the times of being in nature when we were young, or when we were/are with our young ones. 

That’s one of my favorite things, how the breeze and the sunshine makes memories bloom inside our minds that cannot be taken away.

I spent my first 14 years in a small country town, and to this day (30 years later), when the sun shines on the grass just so, or the air feels particularly crisp or smells moist and fresh...  I am whisked away to being 8 years old, charging through grassy fields. Spending ALL day in the woods with trees and moss and rambling through brambles and building empires with sticks.

It feels amazing!!! I'm instantly a free child again. I struggle to put it into words. But I think you understand :)


Today's Painting A Day release is A Place Of Possibilities. She is not in the shop, if you want her, just be the first to email me back. I like a personal touch :) and I love communicating with my collectors. She is $80 + $6 shipping.

mother and child sitting in the woods artwork, paintings of trees, kmberggren




All of the previous paintings over the last 8 days have been claimed except Nimble. She was released yesterday write me back if she is for you. She is $75 + $6 shipping.

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These new paintings are a daily opportunity (for a few more days) for YOU to get fresh original art for studio-tour prices. With $10 of each purchase going to an organization of the buyer's choice. 


Think of these as studio-souvenirs, tokens of an artist’s journey after 20 years of work and 1000’s of collectors. These are fresh, playful moments captured, ready to bring light and whimsy into your space.


I hope you have a very nice day, 

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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