A wordless journey of loss and hope

A wordless journey of loss and hope


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Silent Story is NEARING COMPLETION with The Seeker as the key character. Aren’t we all seeking? If we truly disconnect from media and reconnect with our inner worlds, aren’t we all trying to figure out why, where, who, what?


Learn a lot more about The Seeker (and her birth in 2007) here.

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I now have 65 paintings complete (many span two pages of the book) and am working digitally at the same time to put files together and create a video for the Kickstarter Campaign, which is still coming. In the meantime, if you want to be sure that you reserve a copy of the finished book, you can.


Silent Story is a wordless journey of loss and hope in an art-filled, high-quality book...
currently planned for 90-100 full-color heartfelt pages. 

Silent Story is a zoomed-back view of how the unexpected ending of a friendship can cause confusion, shame and hurt. Through vulnerable and relatable character artwork, Silent Story takes its character from a state of joy, through loss and pain resulting from a break-up. This book is a hold-able journey through loneliness and confusion, heartbreak and silence... ending with renewed hope, happiness, companionship and contentment. You are not alone.


There are times where this project feels like too much, like an exaggeration of an incident. But in my heart, I remember that the pain felt BIG, I know that this representation is NOT too big. People dear to me have shared stories with me, and their experiences are also BIG.


I am infinitely grateful for your thoughts
and your stories and your connection.


NOTE: you can now reserve your copy of the finished book!


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Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week's end.
Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy.

Love & Sincerely, Katie



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