A Tale of Two Tails ♥ 4 re-imaginings


I like to say that I ‘reserve the right to alter my paintings’ while they are still with me. This is a reminder that distance allows for deeper insight. Working then stepping away, allows our subconscious to speak up and analyze the creation we just made.


I finished Precious Companion on Tuesday but woke Wednesday morning, way too early... obsessing. I was no longer in love with the mother mermaid’s tail.


I yearned for something more flowy, a bit translucent, waving in the sea. I feel great about her new tail. And I hope she does, too! ♥


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Here are some additional re-imagined paintings. Paintings may hang out on my studio wall for a week or two, or a year, or sometimes they haven’t even been released yet, when I realize that they are calling for something else. An additional gentle touch, details, or a good re-shaping to bring them to their full potential.


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One of my favorite writers and mentors, Steven Pressfield, says that it’s our inner genius that points out mistakes, wrong words, edits in our writing, after we’ve closed the office door. It’s the same with painting


IF we are connected with our work, have gotten to know our characters, figures and elements, they respond to us. They nudge us back. Often it is a sigh of contentment, if the piece has turned out just right. But sometimes it is a more annoying POKE in the brain... "hey you, something isn't right!"


It's best when this happens while the piece is still on the easel, but alas, that's not always the case :)


Thank you so much for your time. Let me know if there is anything I can create for you.


Love & Sincerely, Katie

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